Stories of Answered Prayer: A God Who Sees Me

Luisa Rodriguez at Mustard Seed Sentinel
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A God Who Sees Me

by Luisa Rodriguez

I have one item in my kitchen that reminds me of God every time I see it. When I look at it, I think about His goodness, graciousness, and love for us. God is absolutely interested in every detail of our lives and He showed that to me, believe it or not, through Pampered Chef stoneware.

My husband and I were experiencing a season of financial scarcity. The budget allowed for only what was absolutely necessary. There were no extras. No fancy shoes. No new clothes. There weren't even extra treats tossed into the cart at the grocery store.

I had come to terms with this season of life and for the most part, I was content. I often prayed that God would meet our needs and He certainly did. There was a lot to be thankful for and we didn't lack necessities. But there was one little thing I really wanted, Pampered Chef stoneware.

Several years before, when my husband and I were jointly bringing in a nice income, stoneware was not in my vocabulary. At that time, I cooked little and baked even less. Money was abundant and for a while, I even hired a cook to prepare meals for us a few times a week.

But that was no longer my reality. With our new constraints, I started cooking and baking from scratch. I had been told how exceptional stoneware was and it piqued the interest of this aspiring chef. I started to long for it so in an effort to be faithful and content in my circumstances, I tried to push it out of my mind. In the situation that we were in, it was a pipe dream.

Luisa Rodriguez at Mustard Seed Sentinel

God had different plans, though, as He usually does. I was meeting with my girlfriends and when I arrived at one of their homes, I noticed she had two pieces of stoneware on her dining room table. She mentioned nonchalantly that she was getting rid of things she no longer needed and asked me if I would be interested in either of the pieces.

My friend had absolutely no idea that this was something I had desired and that is how I knew God's hand was in it. I went home with one of the pieces completely elated, but also in tears. This was not good fortune nor crazy coincidence. God knew I had wanted it and He provided it in the most unexpected way.

God has answered bigger prayers and has made bigger dreams come true, but this answer to prayer rests deep in my heart. It reminds me that He is a God that sees me. He is interested in every little detail of our lives and knows all of our desires, no matter how insignificant they are in the scheme of things. I know that He won't always give us every whim. No good father will. But, through this little act of love, He showed me that He is even in the details, my details.


About the Author

Luisa Rodriguez at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Luisa Rodriguez is a writer and artist who lives in St Charles, IL. Her professional background is in National Security and International Studies. However, recently, Luisa writes mostly about issues that pertain to spiritual growth.

Her daughters are one of her biggest inspirations. Much of her writing centers on female themes and lessons learned from parenting daughters. However, Luisa’s military studies give her a unique perspective on warfare/military themes in the Bible and she weaves that into her articles. Because of this, she appeals to male readers as well.

Because of her artistic background, she often illustrates her own graphics for her written work and website. You can read and see more of Luisa’s work on her website, Fruitfully Living. Follow her on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can read Luisa’s “Sunday Inspiration” column on the first 1st Sunday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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