Sunday Inspiration: I Pull for America

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I Pull for America

by Billy Beasley

The coronavirus has enabled even more people to be home and on social media. Who knew there were so many medical and political experts?

Many people post dozens of political comments on a daily basis. Many have no audience and I wonder if that time could not be better spent, when the reality is that many of your Facebook friends long ago hit the unfollow button. I know I have.

There are people, sadly that hope that the shutdowns linger so Donald Trump, will not get reelected. Bill Maher, spoke of hoping for a recession to hurt Trump’s reelection efforts.

I am no big Donald Trump fan. I wish he would think before he speaks and get off of Twitter. I get it that much of it is just playing to the extremes of his base. Personally, I don’t spend much time listening to the extreme right or the extreme left. Both sides do a grand job of keeping our nation divided. When your answer is to call people names that dare to disagree with you rather than have a civilized conversation, what good can come from that type of attitude?

Fact and statistics are twisted by the Right and the Left to work to their advantage and the truth is thrown out the window. One of my favorite sayings, Figures lie and liars figure. You fit the degree of the importance of the story for which side you lean too. For instance, if a woman comes forward with a past sexual assault claim and it is against your opposition, well let’s crucify him without a trial. But if the same thing happens to your candidate you grow quiet and just want it to go away.

I have heard that some people don’t believe that they argue politics but rather that they are just setting people straight. Really? Sadly, many people share this viewpoint. You are not setting anyone straight. You just value your opinion, and that is what it is, more highly than perhaps you ought too.

Christians, from my viewpoint, are just as bad in their rants and judgements of others in the name of politics. We have the fundamental Christian who thinks nothing of telling people they are going to Hell on social media. I am pretty sure it would be far better to leave judgements like that in the hands of someone imminently more qualified than you or I. It is hard for some to grasp grace. Maybe they never needed it as badly as I have. As I do.

Sunday Inspiration at Mustard Seed Sentinel

And do you notice how quickly these matters can escalate on social media? I joined a Facebook group that formed because we could not have Easter services. They asked people to place something red on their front door as a reminder of who sacrificed all for the likes of us.

But then someone said that Donald Trump asked for prayer and the comments began. People just lingering on the precipice, waiting to pounce on anyone who dare not think just as they do. The Trump supporters making every excuse for his boorish behavior and the Trump haters, who if the man created a cure for the coronavirus today would criticize him for not doing it a week ago. I clicked on the leave the group option. I do that a lot.

And we spend this time arguing with each other and granting our unwavering support for people, who if they did not arrive in Washington rich, somehow, while making $174,000 yearly, are able to parlay that into being multimillionaires in a few years. Do the math. How does that add up? One member said a few years ago that they were underpaid at that salary. $174,000 annually, with all the perks and benefits enjoyed both while they are in office and when they retire and that is underpaid. Suffice to say, anyone foolish enough to make such a statement has lost touch with us. But I suspect that is true of probably every Republican, Democrat, Independent or Socialist that serves in congress.

Maybe some of them arrived in D.C. with good intentions but then you begin to play the political game. I will vote for your bill that I don’t believe in because in return you will vote for my bill that you also don’t believe in. And just like that the integrity you arrived with is sold.

Look at how they live. Lifestyles, where you think nothing of parading your luxurious subzero freezer with pints of ice cream that cost $12 a pint. How many of us have ever bought one pint of ice cream for $12? I didn’t raise my hand. How about you?

I won’t spend my time arguing politics. I will vote, and often I will hold my nose and vote. And as a Christian, I will pray for any President, from any party, whether they ask for it or not.

Regardless, of who the president is, be it Barack Obama or Donald Trump, I will pull for America to be successful under their leadership.

I wish there were more candidates that I believed were good choices, regardless of party affiliation. I wish there were more politicians that if they did not agree with their party on a vote would have the courage to vote their conscious.

That use to occur more often but that was before 24-hour news and social media, that helps to keep us divided. What if we came together more and had conversations? And we did not get offended the moment someone shared a viewpoint different than ours.

My son, Micah, has worked in politics at a pretty high level. He is far more liberal than I am. I was a Republican from the Regan days but now I am a registered independent. I had people think that I must be horrified that my son was more liberal than me. This attitude came from members of both parties. The right assumed that I was disappointed and the left thought it was comical to rub it in my face.

They were both so very wrong. Micah and I have good political discussions. We ask each other questions and we respectfully listen. I did not teach my son to be a republican or a democrat. I raised him to be fair. To not value his opinion over others.

Imagine a world, where you and I, valued other people’s opinions as much as we do our own.

Another Facebook post that made the rounds was a good one. It stated all these things we are going through with the coronavirus and at the end of each one, it read.

Be Kind.

When our life is drawing to an end on this earth. What do you think we will wish for the most at that time? That we spent more of our time setting people straight on their politics or that we focused our energy on being kind. That we as believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, focused on loving people.

Might as well go ahead and make that transition now.

Let’s pray we return to normal soon. Businesses are failing and we went from record good unemployment numbers to record bad ones. The longer this virus lingers the worse it will be for most of us.

Let’s pray for all our leaders. Let’s pray for America. Ultimately, I don’t pull for the left or the right.

I pull for America.


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