Sunday Inspiration: I Pull for America

Sunday Inspiration at Mustard Seed Sentinel

I Pull for America

by Billy Beasley

The coronavirus has enabled even more people to be home and on social media. Who knew there were so many medical and political experts?

Many people post dozens of political comments on a daily basis. Many have no audience and I wonder if that time could not be better spent, when the reality is that many of your Facebook friends long ago hit the unfollow button. I know I have.

There are people, sadly that hope that the shutdowns linger so Donald Trump, will not get reelected. Bill Maher, spoke of hoping for a recession to hurt Trump’s reelection efforts.

I am no big Donald Trump fan. I wish he would think before he speaks and get off of Twitter. I get it that much of it is just playing to the extremes of his base. Personally, I don’t spend much time listening to the extreme right or the extreme left. Both sides do a grand job of keeping our nation divided. When your answer is to call people names that dare to disagree with you rather than have a civilized conversation, what good can come from that type of attitude?

Fact and statistics are twisted by the Right and the Left to work to their advantage and the truth is thrown out the window. One of my favorite sayings, Figures lie and l