Sunday Inspiration: Lessons I Learned at Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain State Park, NC
Credit: J.M. Troppello

Lessons I Learned at Stone Mountain

Perseverance is a Key Factor to Achieving Success in Life

by J.M. Troppello

My husband and I recently took a trip to North Carolina with a few members of our extended family for my mom and stepdad’s 30th wedding anniversary. During the trip, we visited Biltmore Estate and Stone Mountain.

The Biltmore estate is beautiful. I took many photos. I’ll share about that day trip in another article. However, for this article, I wanted to focus on some lessons that I learned from hiking at Stone Mountain State Park in NC.

1. Perseverance is Vital to Success

I’m not a spring chicken anymore. I admit that walking to the top of the 200-ft Stone Mountain Falls was extremely difficult. However, I knew that there was a reward once I’d hiked to the top of the trail and then walked the MANY stairs down to the bottom of the falls.

The reward was a time to rest.

Stone Mountain State Park, NC
Credit: J.M. Troppello

I took off my hiking boots and socks. Then joined some family members and other weary hikers cooling off in the shallow pool of water at the bottom of the falls. The cool water definitely soothed my aching feet.

It felt good to stop hiking and climbing stairs—and finally experience the reward of the arduous journey down the path.

Now, I could have sat down on some rocks to rest and not walk into the water like a few members of our group did. However, I knew that fully experiencing the joy of our reward—walking in the cooling waters—would give me the fuel to walk back up those many stairs, and then hike the rest of the path back to the parking lot.

I learned that perseverance is a key factor to achieving success. Yet, there are rewards along the journey, when your eyes are open to see them. I had hesitated to take off my boots and socks.

But I’m glad I moved beyond the tiredness and walked in the water.

2. Teamwork is Essential to Achieve Great Things

There was a total of 9 family members in our group of hikers. They ranged in age from 6 – 71 years old. One important thing that helped everyone make the journey down to the bottom of the falls and then back up to the top was teamwork.

I could never have made this hike on my own. I think it’s fair to say that no one in our group would have been able to make it on their own either.

Working together through encouragement to keep going made the journey bearable and fun.

Yes, it was hot and humid. We all got back to the van feeling sweaty and exhausted. However, motivating each other to keep taking another step was one of the main reasons we all finished the journey.

3. Follow the Trail Others Forged Before You

The third lesson I learned was that our group needed to stay on the clearly defined trails and stairways if we wanted to get to the falls, and then safely find our way back.

Veering off course could have taken us farther into the forest and away from our goal—getting to the pool at the bottom of the falls. If we got off track, we could have gotten lost. We’d never achieve our goal.

However, we all followed the trail signs. We stayed behind the railing at the top of the falls, obeying the safety signs. We continued down the stairwell to the bottom of the falls. Once we arrived at the bottom of the falls, we obeyed the safety signs to stay off the rocks. We didn’t try to climb up the rocks of the 200 ft falls.

Our success depended on following the pathway defined by those who knew the safest path down to the bottom of the falls.

Following the path reminded me that it’s easier to succeed in life when you learn from others who have gone before you and succeeded. You can even learn from those who’ve gone before you and failed. Being open to guidance can be a vital catalyst to get you beyond the tipping point in your life to success.

The Takeaway

Perseverance, teamwork, and following guidelines are key lessons I learned from my day trip to Stone Mountain State Park. All three factors worked together.

If we’d had perseverance without teamwork or following guidelines, we wouldn’t have been successful. We needed all three elements to work symbiotically among our group to help us achieve our goal—finding the cooling waters at the bottom of the falls.


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