Sunday Inspiration: You are Precious to God

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You are Precious to God

by Jim Hughes

The LORD's loved ones are precious to him; it grieves him when they die. (Psalm 116:15, NLT)

This is a verse that comforts the soul. We need to be reminded of it over and over again. We who are children of God are precious to Him. Dear friend, you need to grasp this awesome truth today. You are loved by God and are precious to Him. Regardless of how you may feel about it, it is true. God's love for you does not depend on how you feel or your circumstances of life. He loves you. And, His love for you is not a sentimental love. He loves you with the highest form of love there is. He loves you unconditionally and sacrificially. You do not have to be somebody, know somebody, or cater to anybody to be loved by God. You are loved simply because God is love and it is impossible for Him to not love you.

You are precious to Him. You may sense that you don't matter to anyone. There may be times in which you feel like your life is so insignificant that if you weren't alive no one would care. You may feel like everyone is against you and that your life is worthless. Those thoughts and feelings come straight from the pits of hell. Dear child, you are precious to the Lord. He loves you and loves to hold you close. You are the object of His love. You are why He came to earth and died at Calvary. You are why He is in heaven today preparing a dwelling place for you. Because you are precious to Him, He will never leave you alone or forsake you. He will always be available to you when you call on Him. He will always come to your rescue when everyone else abandons you.

It grieves the Lord when people die. The Lord loves and He is grieved when people die without knowing His love. He is not willing that anyone would perish and spend eternity in hell. It would be the greatest news the Lord could ever have if hell would be empty except for Satan and his demonic forces. He loves everyone in the world and longs for fellowship with them, but He knows that most will spurn His love and not be with Him in heaven. It greatly grieves the heart of God when a soul goes to hell because they chose to not let Him be the lover of their soul.

Oh dear friend, won't you let the Lord love you today? No matter what your circumstances may be or how you may feel, won't you open up your heart to Him and let Him give you a love bath? Let the Lord in and let Him hold you close. You will be glad you did. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the life of His children.


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