Tech Corner: Top Five Reasons Why I Love Using OneDrive Cloud Storage

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Top Five Reasons Why I Love Using OneDrive Cloud Storage

by Joanne Troppello

If you follow me on Twitter, you likely learned about my recent laptop issues. My laptop started running slowly. No matter how many times I ran the Bitdefender optimization scans, nothing was working to fix the slow operation issues.

Don’t misunderstand me. Bitdefender effectively cleaned the laptop and I highly recommend their cyber security and anti-virus software. There was something wrong with the laptop that those scans were not able to fix.

My husband spent an entire Saturday—one of his weekends he had off—trying to identify the issues and get it fixed for me by Monday so I could start working again. The Windows troubleshooter advised that the computer should be reset to default settings.

That took all day long and into the night for the laptop to be reset to factory settings. I spoke to my step-father, who is an IT consultant, the next day at church and he was surprised that it took so long to reset the laptop.

So, after all that time, once my husband reinstalled Word and tried accessing the Internet on Google Chrome (since both were major issues)—the laptop still wasn’t operating correctly.

Thankfully, my husband had a laptop that was in working order. We ran Bitdefender scans, downloaded Office 365, and downloaded all my files that were stored in the Microsoft OneDrive Cloud.

Storing Documents on the Cloud

I am thankful that I had stored my documents on OneDrive from Microsoft. I have an account with them for Office 365, so we thought it would be convenient to use their cloud storage.

In the past, I used Carbonite which is another great cloud storage and document recovery service. I still have a free account with Dropbox. However, you only get 2 GB of storage with the free Dropbox account. That’s been great for storing my Word and Excel documents, but it was not enough for storing my 2,000+ photograph files.

Cloud Storage on Mustard Seed Sentinel
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So, since we had an account with Microsoft, we decided to stick with them for cloud storage. I highly recommend that you store your documents on your laptop, PC, and home server (if you have one—we plan to get one in the future), as well as on a cloud storage service.

You never know when your laptop or PC will stop working and you could lose all your documents and files if you haven’t properly stored them off of your device.

5 Reasons Why I Love Using OneDrive

As with other types of Cloud storage, you can easily save your files and photos to your OneDrive cloud account and then simply access them wherever you are with any device. Consider some of the following reasons why I love using OneDrive.

1. Mobile Accessibility

There have been times when I’ve been out of my home office and needed to access some of my Word documents. I was able to easily access them from the OneDrive app on my phone.

You cannot edit any documents when you access them in the OneDrive app since those documents are in read only format. However, if you own a licensed version of Microsoft Office 365 and have those programs downloaded on your device, you can edit those documents.

Through the OneDrive cloud app, you can virtually access documents from Android, iOS, Mac, or PC. Your files are always available wherever you are and whenever you need them.

2. Collaborate and Share

If you need to share work for a team project, you can get the licensed Office 365 software for all your devices and work collaboratively with others with Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook—all through the OneDrive Cloud and app.

3. Free Storage

You can get storage from OneDrive with various plans that include their licensed Office 365 software. However, if you wanted to try the cloud storage before purchasing a plan or only want to use their free plan, you can get 5 GB of storage for free.

That’s a good deal of storage for free. Dropbox only offers 2 GB of storage with their basic free plan.

4. Excellent Value

When you purchase the Microsoft Office 365 software to download on your computer, you’ll be paying more money than if you purchase a plan for the software and cloud storage through Microsoft online.

If you buy the software, you’ll need to purchase new software every time new software is released. However, if you purchase the personal or business plans from Microsoft, you’ll benefit from having the licensed software installed on your computer and there are no additional charges for updates each time new software is released.

For example, we purchased the Office 365 Personal plan for $69.99/year and have 1 TB (1,000 GB) of cloud storage. We can only download the software to one laptop. Which has been fine since I only needed it for my laptop.

However, when my plan auto renews in May, we are upgrading to the Office 365 Home plan for $99.99/year. We’ll be able to download the software to up to 6 devices and get shared storage of 6 TB (1000 GB for each of the 6 users).

For more details on the Microsoft Office subscriptions, check this link.

5. Skype Minutes

If you’ve used Skype before, you know that all Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

However, with the Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal plans, you can call landlines and mobile numbers with Skype—the subscription includes 60 minutes per month.

Check this article for more details on calling mobile and landline numbers with Skype.

Start Using Cloud Storage Today

Make sure your documents and photos are protected if your laptop crashes like mine did. You may think that getting the Microsoft Office 365 subscription is an added annual expense—which it is.

However, there are many benefits.

You’ll be able to backup your files in the cloud. You can easily collaborate and share files. There is excellent value in not having to pay extra to buy new software as it is released since this subscription enables your devices to be automatically updated with new software updates. Don’t forget the 60 minutes a month for Skype calls to mobile and landline numbers.

Do you use cloud storage? Which service do you use?


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