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The Writing Life: Researching for Writing Projects

The Writing Life at Mustard Seed Sentinel
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Researching for Writing Projects

Learning Something New Each Day

by Joanne Troppello

“The heart and soul of good writing is research; you should write not what you know but what you can find out about.” – Robert J. Sawyer

That’s how I feel about writing, whether it’s working on my novel, writing articles for Mustard Seed Sentinel, or writing articles for content writing companies I work for. I have enjoyed doing research for all those types of writing since I get to learn something new each day.

Writing for Content Writers

Recently, I’ve been working on several big writing projects for Content Writers. Most of the freelance content that I write for them is on marketing topics for clients. I studied marketing in college. However, that was many moons ago!

Yet, as a freelance content writer, it’s my job to research topics that I don’t know enough about, and then write content for the client. When I was in college, the internet was in the very early stages. Digital marketing was not a thing. Now, digital marketing is vitally important for companies to reach today’s tech-savvy consumers with personalized messaging.

For the article I wrote today, I had to incorporate acronyms from the assignment sheet like PDP, PLP, and FUD. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I had no idea what they meant.

Google is my friend (mostly, except for how they invade our privacy and use AI – artificial intelligence – and will one day take over the world). I did a quick voice search for those acronyms. PDP means product detail page. PLP means product listing page. FUD is a “disinformation strategy used by marketing and sales professionals that stands for fear, uncertainty, and doubt.”

Sometimes, my mind feels like mush when I finish article assignments. Other days I feel like I’m taking an online course as I research digital marketing terminology and strategies online.

The main takeaway is that I am learning something new each day. As I research and continue to write new content, I’m learning new terms—and using other terms that I’ve learned and used in previous article assignments. That keeps me going, knowing that I am not wasting my time. Sure, earning money writing articles is definitely not wasting time. However, learning something new each day is an added benefit.

Are you learning something new each day?


About the Author

Joanne Troppello at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Joanne Troppello is an author, writer, and poet. She is the publisher of the online Christian lifestyle magazine, Mustard Seed Sentinel.

Connect with Joanne on Twitter. You can find Joanne on these social media channels—Twitter, Facebook, Parler, Spreely, and Clouthub—with the same username, @JoanneTroppello—and @joannetroppello.mseedsentinel on Instagram. Visit the Mustard Seed Sentinel YouTube Channel.

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