Troppello’s Kitchen: My Recipe for Eggless Italian Meatballs

Meatballs at Mustard Seed Sentinel

My Recipe for Eggless Italian Meatballs

by Joanne Troppello

I wanted to share my recipe for eggless Italian meatballs. We always add eggs to the ground meat mixture. However, a few weeks ago, we made meatballs and here’s the rest of the story…

Meatballs at Mustard Seed Sentinel

We purchased our first order of meats from Butcher Box and wanted to make meatballs.

However, I forgot that we didn't have any eggs left. We didn't feel like going to the store just to get eggs, so we used milk instead of two eggs as one of the binding agents for the meat (along with bread crumbs).

(I made a mistake and said 1/2 lb. of meat in the video. We used 1 lb. each of ground meat and ground pork.)


1 lb. Ground Meat

1 lb. Ground Pork

3/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese

3/4 Cup Bread Crumbs

1 Medium Sized Onion, Diced

2/3 Cup Milk

2 tsp Garlic Salt

2 tsp Season Salt


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Place the ground meat and ground pork in a large bowl. Add all the ingredients. However, only add 1 tsp each of the garlic salt and season salt, and then combine the mixture. Once fully combined, add the other 1 tsp each of garlic salt and season salt. Then combine together again.

Shape the mixture into meatballs. We ended up with 25 meatballs (I miscounted in the video and said 24), about 1-1/2 inches big. We spaced them out evenly on two nonstick baking sheets. If you don't have nonstick baking sheets, add some olive oil to the baking sheets you do have.

Bake for 25 minutes until thoroughly cooked. When they are done cooking, place them on a plate or tray covered with a paper towel to make sure all the grease is drained off before eating or freezing.

Depending on how many meatballs you need in that moment, this recipe will give you 24-25, 1-1/2 inch meatballs. If you need to freeze some for future use like we did, add the set amount of meatballs to wax paper, wrap them up and place them in a plastic freezer bag. Then seal the bag(s) and place in the freezer. When you're ready to use them (like with pasta or raviolis), defrost them and then reheat them in tomato sauce.

If you try this recipe, I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Video of our recipe for Eggless Italian Meatballs

Have you ever made a food dish that you’ve made a lot in the past—however, this time you forgot an ingredient—and were able to substitute that for something else?


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