Writing Corner: Are You Cut Out for the Freelance Writing Life?

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Are You Cut Out for the Freelance Writing Life?

by Joanne Troppello

Freelancing, regardless of what field you’re in, is a tough job when you are just starting out as a freelancer. For this post we’re going to focus on freelancers who write at home and write for money.

Freelancing is a real job

Although, not everyone thinks that it is. Freelancing is doing real work for a real boss or company—but usually in your own home or home office, and sometimes at their facility…but as a freelancer or consultant.

Freelancers are not always paid a salary and many times are paid per hour or per project. They don’t typically receive health or other employee benefits and need to obtain those benefits on their own as a consultant. Freelancing is not an easy career to start, but it is very rewarding and for the hardworking person, being at home to write for money is fun.

Many people dream about becoming a freelancer with published articles, but not everyone realizes those dreams because of lack of perseverance and the necessary discipline to find success.

The freelancers, who succeed, are the ones who have a plan, cultivate discipline and keep persevering no matter what obstacles come into their pathway.

Transitioning from Part-Time Freelancer to Full-Time Freelancer

Your journey should begin with creating a plan and mapping out your strategy. The best solution to your problem of finding more work as a freelancer is to worker smarter, not harder. Don’t waste your valuable time by squandering it on useless, methods that don’t work.

What’s working for you now? Have you gotten some freelance assignments already? If something is working, then stick with it. Never put your eggs all in one basket, though. You never know when one writing well will run dry, so be open to other options to bring you writing jobs.

As you are mapping out your strategy, research skills will come into play. Don’t just jump at the first “opportunity” which comes your way. In the long run, a few extra hours doing your research to ascertain the validity of an opportunity, will pay off. No one wants to be scammed, so thoroughly research the write for money opportunities you’ve found and be on the alert for scams.

Some of the online sites you can check into for write for money jobs include:



Proficient Writers

Interact Media

Elance Jobs at Constant Contact

Constant Content

Content Writers

My favorite two companies to work for on that list are Content Writers and Constant Content. The editors are Content Writers are the best. They’re very responsive and help you make your work the best it can be.

Now, there are many copy writers looking for an online job these days, so things are much different than years before the Internet began. In the old days, a copywriter was more in demand because not as many freelancers were available for these types of copywriting jobs—hence, these copywriters were paid better than most copywriters today.

Many of the jobs you will find online don’t pay much per article. However, if you start with some of those sites, and do your research, you’ll eventually find other sites which pay more.

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For example, the Proficient Writers site works with freelancers who have a college degree and there is a more rigorous evaluation period of your work and credentials. Other sites, like Zemandi, review a sample of your work, but you don’t need a college degree to become one of their freelancers.

The oDesk site also offers more than just freelance writer for money jobs. You can find marketing assignments, virtual office assistant projects and also IT projects.

There are some sites which offer higher paying freelance writing assignments. However, some of those sites require a membership fee or bidding per project fee. Make sure to do your research before you proceed. Content Writers pays very well. I currently have a six month contract with them for one of their clients. I write 4 blogs (1500-2000 words each) per month and get paid $110 per blog. I can get the blogs done in 2-3 hours, so that’s a nice chunk of change.

You can also find more write for money jobs the old-fashioned way by connecting with a business that is looking for copywriting help, but does not want to pay a full-time, in-house employee and all the benefits that employee would receive. You can begin sending your sample resume out to these businesses, but that is more of a cold-inquire approach and may not reap the benefits you’re looking for.

Try to check out ads on Craigslist or other places where businesses or individuals are seeking freelancers for write at home. I have received several new clients for my business this way and am currently working on two book projects—one for public relations and one for editing / re-writing.

I did also try the cold-inquire approach and sent my resume into over ten different local businesses and actually did find my very first marketing client that way. I’ve been doing freelancing and public relations for this client for about eight years now. Working on that initial project has branched out into working on several different projects for this client and I eventually was able to write at home full-time and started my own marketing company, Mustard Seed Marketing Group, LLC.

To succeed in your freelancing dreams, it takes a drive to beat all the odds and if you love writing, don’t give up even when the road gets tough. Make a plan, be disciplined and work hard at achieving success.


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