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Writing Corner: How Helped Me Find Freelance Writing Jobs on Mustard Seed Sentinel
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Writing Corner: How Helped Me Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Searching for freelance jobs during COVID-19 and quarantine life

by Joanne Troppello

It can be time consuming searching various job search websites looking for available freelance content writing projects. Weeding out the scam job offers from the legitimate ones posted all over the internet can be frustrating.

I’ve been a freelance content writer for twenty years. The landscape for finding content writing work has changed significantly through the years with the advent of the internet in the 1990’s and with job search sites like Indeed starting in 2004.

In the past, I did Google searches for “freelance copywriting” jobs. However, that process took time. I came across many scams. However, then I heard about Indeed and started using that website to search for new freelance projects.

Check out the following reasons why I love using this job search website—including how they have been proactive in helping people find work and support throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Assistance throughout quarantine life and afterward cares about the many people displaced from their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic—through job loss, furloughs, and loss of hours. They created a special Indeed Career Guide which provides COVID-19 resources, help finding a job, resume and cover letter help, resume samples, tips when starting a new job, cover letter samples, and career development.

They have partnered with career coaches and peers to help people searching for jobs get the guidance they need—especially if they are currently seeking a job when most states are experiencing a stay at home order.

Their COVID-19 page offers helpful articles like “A Parent’s Guide to Working From Home with Kids”, “9 Virtual Social Activities to Stay Connected”, “How to Search for Remote Work on Indeed”, and “How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview”.

Indeed provides information for employers to help them through this health crisis. They can find information about loans and special funding to keep their business operating, how to say connected with remote employees, and ideal techniques for handling virtual interviews.

Users have access to millions of jobs

Job seekers can access millions of jobs from across the Internet in a wide array of fields and areas of specialties. There are over 200 million visitors to the Indeed website each month.

As a freelancer, I have found the majority of my freelance projects on this website. I currently write for Content Writers and Constant Content. I wouldn’t have found these content creation companies if I hadn’t signed up for an account on and searched for freelance writing jobs.

Some other content creation and marketing companies I worked for as a freelance writer include the following:

  • Agile Consulting

  • EZ Marketing

  • MARS Technology

  • Career Addict

  • Instinct Marketing

I found freelance writing projects with those companies by searching for content writing work on Again, I likely wouldn’t have found these companies if I hadn’t registered for a free account on Indeed.

Simple to use resume creator

If you want to get noticed by prospective employers, you must have a compelling resume that showcases your professional details in a concise manner. You can utilize the user-friendly Indeed resume creator to upload your current resume or create one with this tool.

Indeed is a well-known job search website that has thousands of employers searching their site each month. Increase your chances of connecting with the right employer, by uploading or creating your resume on Indeed.

With your resume uploaded to your profile, you can enhance the job application process since it is easy to apply by sending your uploaded or created resume. Create a cover letter for use when applying for jobs to make your application more professional looking—and save the letter for use each time you apply through Indeed.

Find information on Company Profiles

Employers can create company pages where they can showcase their brand and enhance the job search process for people to connect with their company more easily. You can find up to date company information, photos, logo, and a variety of other information like reviews and new job postings.

Automated search results

Make your life easier by using automated job search alerts to augment the job searching process. Select relevant keywords, job titles, locations, and companies to easily set up job alerts. You will be alerted via email when jobs meet your search criteria.

When you are in the midst of dealing with a job loss during the COIVD-19 crisis, it can be encouraging and helpful to receive these daily job alerts so you can quickly find the right job—and don’t have to spend extra time searching their website each day.

Easy to navigate mobile app

This has been my favorite feature of searching for jobs on Indeed. The mobile app platform is user-friendly. It is effective in helping users search and apply for jobs even when you are not in front of your PC or laptop. The Indeed mobile app can be used on your smart phone or tablet and is available for use on iOS and Android devices.

Before their app was released, I used the website to search for and apply to freelance writing jobs. However, once the app was released, I started using that for job searches and loved it. I could be relaxing on the sofa, search for freelance work, and easily apply through the app.

Easily track job applications

With some of my freelance projects recently closed down due to the Coronavirus, I have been searching for more copywriting work. I like the application tracking feature on my personal dashboard. It helps me keep track of which jobs I’ve applied to.

Sometimes I forget jobs I applied to, and the platform shows that I applied to a job already so I cannot reapply. I can go back to the dashboard to refresh my memory on which jobs I applied for and what the job details are like description etc.

Get started using Indeed during the coronavirus pandemic

In summary there are many ways that Indeed can be helpful during your job search:

  • COVID-19 Career Guide

  • Millions of Jobs

  • Basic Resume Creator

  • Research Company Profiles

  • Automated Search Results

  • User-Friendly Mobile App

  • Track Applications

Hope all goes well with your freelance content writing job searches. I encourage you to register for a free account at Indeed if you haven’t yet used their comprehensive and effective job search website.

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