Writing Corner: My Experience as a Christian Conservative on Medium

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My Experience as a Christian Conservative on Medium

A different journey than what I experienced on Twitter

by Joanne Troppello

I’m a Christian.

I’m a conservative.

I’m not judgmental.

I’m a free thinker.

Being a Christian conservative writer with a social media profile on Twitter has been interesting and stressful.

I had gotten addicted to being on Twitter and engaging with people, aimlessly scrolling through my newsfeed.

I was reading tweets and engaging with people — but my article writing for my magazine suffered because I was too obsessed with being on this social media platform.

Sure, I’d increased my followers in the last two years, but was that worth it if my creating was suffering and I was getting stressed out by those who trolled me and all the negativity I saw each day, as I scrolled through my feed? That’s the question that truly got my attention and made me think.

Many Make America Great Again — MAGA people (Trump supporters) have followed me. Some liberals who are writers used to follow me until I changed my bio to share that I am a Christian and a conservative in addition to being a writer.

Mostly I tweet about my journey as a writer, share links to my online magazine and articles, post inspirational sayings, Bible verses, and occasionally share my political opinion.

Recently, I shared a tweet about how I had been getting frustrated with all that is going on with cancel culture and not feeling like I live in America anymore.

You can read more about the tweet engagement in this link, which shows that the tweet received 104,491 impressions at the time I wrote the article, which have now increased to over 130K.

I’m not sharing this to brag. I wanted to share this because being on Twitter can be stressful due to the extreme polarization in our country right now.

I opened a Twitter account in March 2010 and was just on this social media platform to promote my books. Three years ago, I started an online magazine and used Twitter to promote it.

However, last year, I started engaging more on Twitter. It’s been mostly a positive experience. However, I don’t feel completely accepted by either side—the right or the left.

I’m a conservative who voted for Donald Trump in the general election, but voted for Ted Cruz in the primary. Not all MAGA people accept me because I tend to lean more toward the libertarian side of conservatism and believe that all people should have a voice—even if I don’t agree with them.

Liberal people generally don’t like me on Twitter because they automatically think I am all in for Donald Trump. Sure, I’ll be voting for him again, but only because of certain issues like I’m prolife, I support Israel, and I would like more conservative judges in the courts.

However, I do not like everything he says or does, and I really wish he’d stop tweeting so much. Yes, I know it’s his way of getting his voice heard because liberal media doesn’t like him and misrepresents him and his messages many times. I just think sometimes he gives his opponents too much fuel for the fire in what he tweets. He’s in a catch-22 situation. No matter what he does, the liberal media will always find fault with it.

I’ve had to deal with trolls on both sides. I’ve learned to block those accounts and move on. I’m not letting anyone live rent free in my head.

My experience on Medium

I joined Medium in March 2020. Ten years after joining Twitter. I’m only sharing my experience here to say that things have been refreshingly different.

I was concerned about how I would be received on Medium since this publication is reputedly liberal and I’m a conservative. However, I have had two articles curated, one in Better Marketing and one in P.S. I Love You.

And I have experienced such a warm welcome from so many different people with different political views and of different faiths—or of no faith.

I love that!

I have had two liberal readers comment on two different political articles I wrote, and they disagreed with me.

But, the comments were civil and I was able to have a positive exchange of ideas with them. Yes, I know, it’s only been two months here compared to the ten years I’ve spent on Twitter, but I am hopeful.

I proudly displayed the same bio on my Medium profile as on my Twitter page. I’ve been accepted and I love that people freely exchange ideas here. I especially love all the writers on Illumination who have welcomed me for who I am.

I look forward to making many more positive connections on Medium in the future and reading great articles that encourage me to think outside the box—and escape my comfort zone—while I can still remain true to who I am and what I believe in.

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