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Why I Need to Write

Like I need to breathe

by Joanne Troppello

I write because I can—even though there will always be critics of my work—but I charge ahead brazenly, trying to freely express myself, my beliefs, and my dreams in what I write.

I write because it feels like I’m not breathing if I don’t write.

It’s a part of who I am and the characters in my mind and their lives flow freely onto the page. I feel compelled to tell their stories.

I write because I feel that I have something important to say. Even if I didn’t think that anyone would ever read my work, I would still continue to write, for me.

I write because I have lived and have had experiences. I want to intertwine those pains and joys and emotional times into stories, poems, and articles that can touch peoples’ lives—and let them know that someone else out there has felt the same way.

I write because it’s therapy when I’m going through something in my life. I can tell a story of someone who is struggling but goes through the journey and comes out the other side a better person. I hope that someday that will also be me.

I write because I love to read. Reading has always been a part of my life since I was a young child. I want to create my own stories and poems that encompass the imagination I have.

I write because I want to leave a legacy. I hope that my work will, in some small way, make this world a better place and help readers see that faith, hope, and love are so important.

I write because there are some stories, poems, and thoughts that just need to be told and I figure that somebody needs to tell them, so why not me.

Why do you write? Do you have your own Writer’s Declaration?


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